SmartRAN = real-time, proactive

Actix SmartRAN enables mobile operators to better fulfill service level objectives and deliver exceptional user experiences across their 5G vRAN by embedding intelligence in every layer of the RAN. To achieve this, it combines an O-RAN-ready edge architecture with an innovative approach that leverages machine-learning and real-time analytics to enable service providers to flexibly and automatically configure network parameters and perform closed-loop optimization of services and network resources.

Automation has become critical with the rollout of virtualized open 5G RAN. This is because traditional self-organized network (SON) approaches (an attempt at automating operational functions in the RAN, and which are reactive and rely heavily on human operators to execute its functions) failed to effectively achieve their purpose. The ability for self-learning is therefore the only way to deliver dynamic local radio resource allocation, while also optimizing networkwide efficiency.

As a member of the O-RAN alliance and Telecom Infra Project, and in collaboration with open RAN equipment vendors, Amdocs is working to define critical use cases and open interfaces to deliver the full promise of the self-learning RAN



Amdocs SmartRAN analytics offers critical 5G vRAN optimization