The industry leading desktop solution, Actix Analyzer provides advanced drive test survey analytics. It supports network optimization, network acceptance and validation, and is used in 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and 5G rollouts.

Global leader

In use at over 300 operators Actix Analyzer is the most widely used tool in its class.

Multi-vendor & multi-technology

Actix Analyzer supports all major drive test equipment available. This unique position means engineers can analyze their data wherever it comes from. The data is normalized, so the same analysis works across different data sources.

Data services analysis

Enables per-session and per-OTT service type analysis for finding the cause of service performance problems affecting OTT services such as Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp; and understanding when and where network features were available and used. Provides full IP layer decode and session analysis for building tailored KPIs.

Indoor analysis

Enables validation of the indoor network and its interaction with the macro network. Geo-references RF measurements and events and visualizes venue layout. Generates KPI reports to evaluate the readiness of the in-building network ahead of launch.

Device and chipset validation

The world’s leading chipset and handset manufacturers use Actix Analyzer to validate the performance of new devices against a reference device. Also to automate the creation of complex KPI reports and investigate performance issues in detail.

Customer support

Highly responsive technical support and product maintenance services come as standard with Actix Analyzer.

Automated troubleshooting

Actix Spotlight is the most reliable and trusted solution on the market for helping operators troubleshoot problems. It automates identification, analysis and diagnosis of common issues and provides detailed ad hoc analysis capabilities of the uncommon ones. Based on the Actix Analyzer core platform, it facilitates the batch loading and analysis of GBs of data in a single project. Automatic diagnosis of common failures is included, with analysis from both the cell-level and radio-level perspectives. Spotlight Cluster-Acceptance reports also allow analysis and reporting direct from the project, including maps.

Flexibility of KPI reporting

Defines and measures any KPI. Quickly creates validation and acceptance reports that establish coverage, quality and capacity for acceptance of network improvements.

Product information

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Targeted, rapid, end-to-end, drive test-based cross-domain analysis of VoLTE and VoWi-Fi performance.