ActixOne Enterprise is a scalable platform providing a unified workspace for all network analytics and optimization activity for 5G, 4G/LTE and 3G networks

  • Dashboards, reports, and integrated views across all RAN data sources
  • Customized metrics and views based on events, traces & competitive reports
  • Mobile agents, PM, CM, FM, and call trace

ActixOne overview

  • ActixOne represents industry proven technology and more than 25 years of RAN software development experience
  • Supports the loading, processing and analysis of large data volumes
  • Supports centralised and distributed deployment models
  • ActixOne uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that provides vertical scalability and horizontal scalability, enabled by an abstracted layered design and high availability through use of redundant hardware and load balancing.

Data Sources /Modules

ActixOne Enterprise is an analytics driven scalable platform providing a unified workspace for all networks from GSM to 5G-NR optimization activities. It allows country-wide analysis and benchmarking, using a mixture of drive, indoor, CM, PM and subscriber trace data sources from across the network.

The solution

CM, PM & FM network optimization
  • ActixOne software allows service providers to rapidly identify performance issues across all services, and correlate theses with network faults, thus optimizing the network in the most efficient way possible.
  • The solution reduces the time to collect, query and visualize data, which means operators can spend more time each day actually growing and improving the network.
  • Network performance KPI’s and KQI’s can be displayed graphically, via reports, charts or tables that give views of the entire network. Network engineers can then drill down from a network wide view to an individual cell tower that may be causing performance issues in the network.
Experience geo-location
  • Based on call trace data (sometimes described as virtual probes) or equivalent network/device information.
  • Relies on data available in minutes,* and has minimal CapEx/OpEx compared with drive test
    *Depends on use case and network equipment
  • Can capture the dynamic network nature; not limited to specific days/times or locations
  • Provides additional and (overall) more accurate network experience insights than drive test, including customer-focused analysis
Maximize Customer Experience

Customer Experience and Value Geo-location

Geo-locate every subscriber

Map subscriber experience and demand down to the street / block level for next generation visibility

Gain insights on coverage & demand

Understand how the mobile network impacts actual customer quality of experience

Build revenue maps

Link with Amdocs BSS data to build accurate pictures of demographics and revenues for each location

Differentiate on customer experience

Target network investment and optimization for maximum revenue impact

Conduct drive test acceptance

Analyze data from handset logging devices mounted in vehicles driven got specific routes

Benchmark against competitors

Based on drive test data for collecting performance across competitors, ensure required network investment to deliver network performance and differentiation



Optimize the RAN for maximum customer impact optimization


ActixOne’s 5G modules ensure more efficient 5G-NR capacity usage and faster rollouts.